dinsdag 24 juli 2012


1st picture by me / 2nd by roos / 3rd by me / 4th by nanne

sunday i went to the modefabriek and above you see some pictures of it. i love the first picture i took. it shows us that
next summer soft pastel colours, crochet and sequins are still hot! we spotted these shoes from soisire soiebleu, so cute! and
we spotted Minkpink, a brand i really like. definitely need an item from that brand. and the glasses on the last photo's are from
E&E which are already spotted on blogger Ebba and more.

i have seen the most cutest dresses and jackets but unfortunately i wasn't allowed to take pictures at most of the areas.
i think it's pretty sad because i would love to share everything i loved with you.. the one thing i can tell you is that next year's
summer clothing looks very promising and i felt like buying some items already.

and..... i met someone special during the modefabriek! some of you may have already seen it on other blogs or on my twitter account,
but for those who haven't seen it yet; stay tuned!

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk!! Ik heb al heel wat leuke items gespot. Ben benieuwd wie je ontmoet hebt op de Modefabriek!

  2. Wauw, alle kleding op de eerste foto, geweldig! En Minkpink lijkt me inderdaad ook een leuk merk. Liefs

  3. Die rek op de eerste foto! WANT! :D

  4. Loove those pieces of clothes ! :)


  5. die eerste foto! Echt super mooi xx

  6. Ziet er zo mooi uit!
    Met wat voor camera fotografeer jij? X

  7. Minkpink is zo geweldig!
    Mooie foto's!

  8. Wat een prachtige sneakers! Wauw!
    Liefs, Swaen

  9. Die eerste foto is echt prachtig!!
    Geweldige blog heb je, check de mijne als je wilt.




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