maandag 9 januari 2012


remember the Koh nailpolish i got from Aida for my birthday? i loved it so much and i really wanted to have some more of it. so i went to search for Koh on the internet and google sended me towards Zalando. i thought Zalando was only selling shoes but it appears that they sell a lot of things! not only beautyproducts like Koh but also Vero Moda clothing, DEPT clothing, some really nice bags and much more! i decided to go for the Pink Mood nailpolish which promises a french manicure effect after applying just one layer, a crystal nail file and a cutticle pusher. everything was packed so cute. the nailpolish in a cute box and the other items in little pouches. i'd love to show you the effect of the nail polish but two days ago i cut off my nails. i'll let them grow to show you the results! :)
for those who are interested, the Pink Mood nailpolish can be found here

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking forward to see the result.
    I've never use a crystal one, but I've heard it's amazing


  2. Ben benieuwd naar die nagellak op je nagels!

  3. ik hou van koh! zien er fijne spullen uit!


  4. I got some zalando stuff myself today :)

  5. je nieuwe header is echt leuk!
    (haha, ook gesponsord door zalando? :p)

  6. A great blog with good information :-)


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