woensdag 15 juni 2011

school trip

we had to be at school at 06.30(!!) in the morning for a trip to germany (bonn and aken). goal of this trip? no idea. we did some kind of quest through the city searching for different monuments and we went to a church. i didn't learn anything from the trip but it was a pretty fun day after all, although it wasn't the best school trip i've ever had. luckily we also got some free time (the fun part of the trip!) which we spent shopping and taking pictures. i bought two things which will be posted tomorrow .. stay tuned!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk ben benieuwd naar je aankopen! :)X

  2. Zulke doelloze tripjes heb ik ook vaak moeten doen ja haha! Leuke foto :) X

  3. Vrije tijd is altijd het leukst, haha.

  4. 7.30: wow.

    Dat jasje die je in je hand hebt vind ik echt zo mooi!


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