vrijdag 6 mei 2011

i'm back from madrid!

i'm back from Madrid! i went to visit my older sister, together with my other sister and we've had a great time! i hadn't seen my oldest sister for a while so i was really happy to see her again. it was quite funny to hear her speak fluently spanish now. we stayed at our sister's house which was really spanish with uneven walls and floors and bright colors. luckily the weather forecast wasn't right and we had great weather, about 24 degrees every day. we went shopping for two days (primark was really disappointing, i only bought accessories there), and we spent the other two days lying in the sun at the park. we also went out one night and we ate churros! ♥ tomorrow i'll post pictures of alllll my purchases so stay tuned ;)

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Super bedankt voor je reactie! Ik lees ze natuurlijk allemaal en ik doe mijn best om alle vragen te beantwoorden :)