zondag 23 januari 2011

back from strasbourg

i'm back from strasbourg and i'm incredibly tired, but i've had so much fun! the first day we took off at school by bus, the trip took about 5 hours. we went into a mine in france for a few hours and then we went on to our youth hostel and ate spaghetti in a restaurant. second day we had to wake up early because we were going to the European Parliament!! a lot of kids (i think about 700?) from all over europe got together to discuss about several issues like the environment and the future of europe. sometimes it was a bit somnolent haha, but it was a great experience! last day we went to a museum in france. a man had collected stuff from the first world war in a 5 km radius around his house, and had put it all in a eh some sort of barn. it was really impressive to see what he had collected, from buttons to military guns, and from raisers to beds. even some fake dentures!! afterwards there was still one thing to visit before we went home. we went to a reallly big kind of church full of bones. although we couldnt enter the building, you could see through the windows that there were tons of bones, all thrown together on big piles. these are bones from soldiers which were found but couldn't be identified. not the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, but it was quite impressive! overall i've had a great time, i've learnt a lot of things, and of course i took pictures...

me and my roommates making up our beds

in front of the european parliament

our group

with Aida in the discussion room

six hours later

our group in front of the house full of bones

on a big cemetry

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  1. heel leuke foto's! echt gaaf je mee mocht praten :)

  2. Leeuke foto's! super vet dat je mee mocht praten haha!

  3. Gaaf dat je in het parlement was en leuke foto's

  4. ah wat leuk! en is dat niet de begraafplaats uit de film seven private ryan? zoja; ohh echt gaaaf! haha

  5. leuke foto's zeg!
    weetje he;
    ik heb met je dubbelganger gepraat!
    heb verteld dat ze zo op jouw leek,
    en nu was ze benieuwd naar hoe jij eruit zag!

  6. Ziet er leuk uit! Ik vond schooluitstapjes altijd super leuk!


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